Connecting retiring owners with buyers wanting to grow an established business
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Kris Fuehr, MBA, CBIS, CMSBB Serving privately-owned business owners in the Puget Sound

Kris Fuehr, MBA, CBIS, CMSBB
Serving privately-owned business owners in the Puget Sound

We connect owners ready to retire with buyers wanting to grow an established business. We support your next chapter with your agenda and align interests and incentives for both parties. When real estate is involved, it is handled by VRG Washington Realty Group, LLC.

How do I sell my business?

Connection & Confidentiality

Business owners have built, innovated, and established America’s global presence, employing and supporting generations of families. These pioneers deserve gratitude and respect for the sacrifices in building a lasting business. When the time comes for a life change, we’ll work strategically together to get ready for well-deserved rewards. Start with a no-pressure, no-fee estimate to see what your business is worth.

We’ll prepare your business for sale with confidentiality and unique solutions to target the right buyers, streamline the process, and keep our services affordable.  Selling businesses may be featured in a 3D immersive tour to attract out-of area buyers as one of the many unique approaches we take to find the right buyer.

We’re more than a brokerage, we’re a partner. See more info for Sellers


July 26 8:30-12:30 Workshop: Buying an Existing Business Step-by-Step with SCORE at SBA.


Sept 11 - 11:30-1:00 Selling Your Business 101. FREE. With Nina Boss, Edward Jones Financial Advisor, Renton & Paulson Exchange: Click to RSVP.


How do I buy a business?

Find the Right Lifestyle & ROI

We work with investors and entrepreneurs to help discover and evaluate many great businesses available to buy and grow. Let us know your buying criteria through our Buyer’s BizQuiz. P|E will work with private investors or family funds to identify precise criteria for acquisitions and will scout those categories for opportunities.  See more info for Buyers

Start or Buy? Finding and Buying a Profitable, Established Business eBook

Start or Buy? Finding and Buying a Profitable, Established Business eBook

Freshen up a Ripe Biz: Flipping a Business eBook

Freshen up a Ripe Biz: Flipping a Business eBook

Start or Buy? A guide for investors, entrepreneurs, and first-time buyers. Download this book for a perspective on whether starting your own business or buying an established, ongoing business is a good fit for you. Find how to search for the right fit, finance the business, and conduct due-diligence. See examples, templates, and step-by-step guidance to buying a profitable business that is an ongoing concern.

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Freshen the Ripe: Flipping a Tired Business. Find a fixer-upper in an area of your strength and increase its value. Old businesses are a great opportunity to add technology, sales & marketing, improve operations, or bring in skilled people.

Learn from experts on how they’ve serialized business acquisitions through absentee ownership. A self-sustaining business can be attainable if you set it up correctly or convert an existing business to an independent state.

Entrepreneurship is not just risk taking. It’s a vision followed by project management and a series of daily decisions.
— Unknown


If you own a manufacturing business, you have a high-value business to sell due to its asset-base and equipment with inherent value. Whether you manufacture food or equipment, together, we have a good chance of finding a buyer quickly.  


The more specialized and interesting the business, the better! Bring your unique businesses, we love them!


Construction, repair, maintenance, infrastructure businesses that are the backbone of our economy. We have many investors and entrepreneurs looking for your line of business, particularly where services and contracts are in place.


There is a lot of interest in buying recreation, travel, culinary, and sports-related businesses. Please contact us if you’re in these areas.


Services have special considerations when selling. Ownership, intellectual property, documented processes, and customer contracts are all considerations when selling a services-based business. Contact me with questions about your value.

Business Strategies

We’ll have an initial conversation about your goals and discuss ways you can maximize your value.

When all is said and done, a business is a living legacy that may never have an end.
— KF