Connecting retiring owners with buyers wanting to grow an established business

A Passion for Business

A passion for business

As an organization, we work our clients under these important principles.

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Kris Fuehr, Business Broker

Since Kris’ DNA is marketing, she thinks about which strategic buyers would see the most value in your business; where to find you, and what compels them to make an offer. Selling your most cherished assets is more than brokering, it’s a creative process of targeting, personalizing, and presenting. Kris’ calling is to help people navigate their way to their next chapter whether retirement or starting a career.

Kris has been brokering businesses since 2012 and doing startup growth and fundraising for 5 years prior to that. Kris is also a Washington Real Estate Broker when real estate is involved and handles those transactions as VRG Washington Realty, LLC.

Foster School of Business, University of Washington: Entrepreneurship, Marketing; University of Washington: Communications; University of Minnesota: General studies; Science & Technology

Indi Leino, Transaction Manager

Indi has some of the most impeccable attention to detail you’ll find. Indi is managing and tracking each sale through to closing to ensure a timely and correct transaction. Indi has navigated the complex world of law, insurance, medical and Microsoft. Indi shares our passion for privately-owned businesses and their owners.

Indi has a masters degree and liberal arts bachelor’s degree focused on business law; Bookkeeping Certificate from the National Bookkeepers Association along with refresher classes in science and math, law and government, Spanish, English and writing classes with a technical writing certificate from Bellevue College. With her broad range of skills, she is nimble enough to support many aspects of a business transaction.

Rick Mollin, Investor Relations

Rick is leading the pipeline of deal flow and working with private equity firms seeking alternative investments outside of their normal portfolio. Rick participates in the research board that enable personalized business opportunity presentations while supporting processes and principles of due diligence that will assist clients in making confident and timely decisions. Rick constructs deal structures that allow mutual buyer/seller benefit. Rick develops repeatable processes to streamline transactions and will also participate in strategic advisory boards.

DePaul University School of Law, Chicago, IL: Juris Doctorate, '75'; Monmouth College, Monmouth, IL: Bachelor of Arts, '70

Rick is a retired, two-term elected County Attorney acting as prosecuting authority for criminal conduct, counselor to the county board and its several departments, attorney for civil matters, supervisor for office staff and assistant county attorney(s) whose legal expertise includes: Federal and state/civil, personal, property, commercial litigation, significant concentration in family law, insurance and arson defense,appellate practice, criminal defense,bankruptcy (for both debtor and creditor); probate, trust administration, guardianship and conservatorship; real estate, title insurance, residential and commercial investment.

Current and past Certifications and Affiliations: American Land Title Association title insurance issuer, Veterans Administration, Farmers Home Administration, Farm Service Agency (bonded), Federal Housing Authority, Minnesota Supreme Court qualified neutral under Rule 114 of Minnesota General Rules of Practice (Family Law). State Courts for the State of Minnesota; Federal Courts for the Districts Minnesota and Illinois.

Kristal Bowmer-Vath

Paulson Group works in lockstep with Kristal from All-Around Image. Kristal has her BS from Cornell in Design & Environmental Analysis and specializes in space planning and interior design. Kristal is the design eye behind the presentation of our spaces.

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About our Sellers and Buyers

We have attracted some of the most incredible business owners in the nation. From aerospace innovators to imported furniture to dog trainers to cheese makers to construction and insulation, the diverse array of businesses can never be predicted! We continue to seek out owners in industrial, manufacturing, construction, services and especially NICHE businesses where we love to figure out the nuances of the businesses.

What our Sellers and Buyers have in common is that they are privately-owned; somewhat on the smaller end of the spectrum (usually under $5M in revenue), and they have a real pride of ownership in their business and are looking for a good fit. Sellers are looking to recognize the value they''ve worked for and ensure that the principles and relationships they''ve built live on. 

Our Buyers range from retiring tech first-time buyers to serial entrepreneurs to investors looking to invest in a multitude of businesses. Our buyers are typically looking for an existing profitable business to secure a great return, reduce risk, learn on the job, allow for a flexible lifestyle, or follow a dream.  You CAN own your own business! 

A Bit of Trivia About Our Team:

Kris: From an early age, I was fascinated by business stories. Entrepreneurs in our small town of International Falls, Minnesota would come for dinner and explain their start-ups, investments, and plans in lumber, oil, paper, energy, and manufacturing.  There, I learned how businesses fuel dreams. From them on, I was hungry to hear about visions, inventions, and plans. I wanted to listen, provide ideas, and offer my marketing support--an area that came easy to me.  I spent 13 years at Microsoft where win-win was a way of life with a global network of partners. After leaving Microsoft, I started hosting marketing workshops to bring peer groups of business owners together and help them grow. Named Gather & Grow, I found that I was able to find the right resources and connections to help owners grow. 
I was a finalist on Shark Tank in 2014; I was a 2008 Startup Weekend team leader and winner, where our team built a customer feedback technology-based business in 48 hours.  Business growth has been a dream of mine since my youth.  Perhaps I can help fuel yours. Married to Curtis Fuehr with three daughters.

I like a good coffee, so brainstorming meetings over coffee are my finest hours. Contact me for a cup of java and let's come up with your plan.  What is the best coffee?  I'm glad you asked!   I have a few favorites:  my own hand-pressed Tony's Cafe Carmelita (Bellingham) and small-espresso-stand-prepared Cafe Darte (Federal Way). Moka Joe (Anecortes) and several of the Woods Coffee (Bellingham) are also quite good.   I find that most coffee should be pressed or brewed at 175 degrees.  Most coffee pots burn coffee at 190-200+ degrees.  Try a coffee press like the AeroPress with lower-temp water and see what I mean! And if you haven't already, visit the new Mercury  Coffee in Bellevue where they brew and bake in-house . Be careful not to go in hungry and order the gigantic, enormous cinnamon roll.  Bigger than your head!  

Indi: Indi has a broad array of experiences: She’s been a Starbucks Barista, worked for the Texas State Law Library researching and copying prisoner files, and is even a yoga instructor!

Rick: Rick is an avid outdoorsman, private pilot and has consumed many investment books and practices his own balanced portfolio with diligence. His interest in opportunities and investments of all sorts have been a driving force for decades from gas station ownership to a 8 acre vineyard growing cold-hearty grapes. Member of various boards and panels in both civic and community projects; Member of Rotary International, and past member of the Board of Directors, past president - Fosston; Member of the Board of Directors of the American Red Cross and Salvation Army (Northern Minnesota Region); Member of the Lifeline Pilots Association; American Bar andMinnesota State Bar Associations, Minnesota Defense Lawyers Association, member of various professional and trade associations.  Member of the Board of Trustees of First Care Medical Services and First Care Foundation, Fosston, MN and Member of the Fosston Airport Commission. Member and Secretary Minnesota Grape Growers Association.

Military: United States Marine Corps—Vietnam (1966-68)                                                                                                                        
Married to Cheryl (nee Paulson) with two children and five grandchildren