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What's backwards about birthday wishes

Who thought it was a bright idea to keep birthday wishes a secret when you blow out your candles?

Why not scream to the world how much you want a PONY! How will you ever get a pony if you don't tell the very people who could make that happen?

There are a handful of people on LinkedIn who really harness the power of the headline by publishing exactly what they are looking for. I like that. I search for that. It brings me joy.

So when I ran across Tara Johnson's profile and she says she wants a career in the media/entertainment industry, I happened to know of something that could make that a reality for her. It's worth a look, right?

If we do find you what you REALLY want, are you committed to take the steps to get it? I work hardest for my clients who have commitment -- removing barriers, reducing risks, improving the chances for success when buying an existing, profitable business.

You really want a pony? Your own charter boat company? Landscaping firm? Winery? I WANT TO KNOW.

Kris FuehrComment