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Careful what you sign up for in the spring!

Compared to your hibernating winter body, the warm, sunny days of spring create a physical change: like a lizard in a lamp, your temperature goes up, your activity increases, and your mind is flooded with serotonin!

"YIPPEE! Nothing can stop me!"

My phone has been ringing off the hook this week from buyers inquiring about businesses after our FIRST sunny day in Seattle in weeks (many, many weeks).

I want to pause for a moment to reflect that what seems like a good idea the first day of spring should not be the thing that weighs you down in the winter. If you have a full-time job, say at Amazon, Expedia, or Microsoft, buying a business MIGHT seem a good idea on the first sunny day of spring, but be sure you know what you are signing up for. Businesses without an owner's presence are often subject to decreased employee and customer satisfaction, issues with quality and overall upkeep. As much as I'd like to sell you a business, I also want to make sure that it makes sense for you.

Yes, spring can make us joyous, but spring fever is also described as a "hangover" from a period of dormancy. Like hibernating animals, we pass through moments of elation and confusion. It's a real, chemically-based thing.

So kick up your heels, but don't sign any contracts until a few days have passed to let your ideas soak in the sun AND reality.

But when you do want to buy a business, please call me. ;-)

Kris FuehrComment