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High Aim Vision: Driving (Life) Lessons

I raced my first autocross last week --where you challenge yourself and your car to extremes. Utterly exhilarating. But beside that, the importance of high aim vision becomes evident.

High aim vision means looking high into your path's distance which forces you to engage you in two simultaneous things:

1- vision, anticipation, and planning for what's in your addressable future.

2- trusting that your instincts, reactions, and reflexes will address what crosses your immediate path. This means LETTING GO of trying to focus on the closest view.

Both need to happen for a smooth ride (plus an occasional glance at your dashboard).

So many good business lessons here.

I, for one, am guilty of periodically trying to control my immediate path in my business --- at the expense of a distraction from my high aim future. (The one that is truly addressable and within my control)--making for a bumpy ride.

At first, it's hard to trust in "the Force" to react to your immediate path and bring your eyes up to focus on the future, but try it on your next road trip. Your mind is amazingly reliable in reacting to immediate stimuli. It really works and feeling this experience firsthand really makes you think about how well this applies to work, and life. 

 Experiment with how your ride changes when your site is high vs. low. 

Kris FuehrComment